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October 2017 - It's been a while, enjoying the summer and a holiday in Spain, but soon I will post some updates and a new blog! Stay tuned :)

July 2017 - I made a beautiful trip in Croatia and tell you all about this photogenic country in my new blog! And I made a Twitter, yay! Click here to follow me :)

June 2017 - Updated my Instagram photos of Amsterdam and travel shots, take a look and let me know what you think! Meanwhile I'm packing my bags for.. Croatia!

April 2017 - New blogs online! I went for a trip to Texel and I love to share the beauty of this island!  I also went away for a weekend for a citytrip to Gent in Belgium and tell you all about it, including many photos :)

March 2017 - I started a blog! Because I visited the Open Toren Dag and made some shots of Amsterdam I like to share :)

February 2017 - Welcome and thank you for checking out my website! I made my first website as a online portfolio for my Instagram and photography with a Canon 550D. Take a look and let me know what you think!